The «Scandinavia Women Meme» is a touring comic tape by Scandinavian women, which was earliest published in Danish in 2021. This depicts living of the exquisite women with this region. The key characters will be Birke, who is an expert stand up comic; Katarina, a dancer and former model; Flixtie, a street vendor; Viggo, a troublemaker; Espi, a bum; and Lyja, a stewardess. This amusing book was downloaded more than a million times and it is gaining popularity in other European countries as well.

Birke comes from a small town in Denmark known for its picturesque countryside. She longs to go on a holiday but her father demands that your lover pursue a profession instead. He knows that her success available community will give her a wonderful flexibility. When completely chosen among the «bookies’ most desired girls» with the local performing competition, this individual gets his daughter a window of the competition, nonetheless she refuses to go on her date with him.

Two weeks down the road, on her initially day at the new country, Birke goes to the country’s capital and completely overwhelmed by beauty and culture with the city. The girl are unable to contain her excitement about traveling to such a beautiful and interesting place. However , when this lady gets to the hotel where she is to stay, she knows that it is beyond the boundary from her home. The woman then chooses to take a bus trip across the country to be able to reach her destination.

While cycling the shuttle bus, she overhears a discussion between a person and female. The man boasting about how exquisite he is and how rich he is asking the woman if your woman knows of anyone who hails from that particular nation. When the woman tells him that the girl does, this individual starts to regret his decision and he thinks that he might desire to marry her. After this occurrence, Birke begins to have second thoughts about planing a trip to this overseas country.

In order to make on with this mistake, Birke takes a detour and extends back home. After that, she ideas her trip all over again. However , the second time she should go, she determines that visiting by tour bus is not the best idea. Consequently , she finally decides to look at a teach. Although your lover finally causes it to be to her destination, the experience of visiting by train is totally messed up because the tram driver makes her Single Girls And Women For Marriage From Sweden think an outsider.

Once she finally reaches her destination, Birke is normally disappointed that she spent so much period away from her family. When her parents ask her what happened, this girl tries to show you, but this lady fails to win over them. This kind of, however , does not stop her from looking to contact her family ever again. All of this is recorded in the movie «Bjork and Borg». Hopefully, other women will be encouraged to embrace their heritage and start the trip to growing to be aborg.

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