If you’re a parent concerned about your child ‘s display time, then its time you opt for a tracking software for mobiles.

Online predators come in a variety of types, and before you know it, your child may fall prey.

As mobile devices are the culprits in many scenarios, here we’ve reviewed the popular phone tracking programs.

MSpy is one of the leading phone tracking software which made onto our listing of the finest iPhone spy programs. It’s used by a large number of parents as it does the work remotely.

Monitor internet activity.

Stores the https://aaaareview.com/reverse-phone-lookup sites visited by your kid and tracks their browsing activities. Allows you to block objectionable content.

Remote control.

Know your kid ‘s phone actions liberally. Monitor the app remotely and receive alerts on your phone.

Social media tracking.

Track the messages, phone calls and exchange of multimedia files occurring through social media platforms such as Whatsapp, and Facebook.

Track text messages.

View the messages which come in and go from your kid ‘s phone. View even the deleted messages.

Location tracking.

Helps track the location details of your child including path history on a map. Simple to achieve your child in case of emergencies.



The 3 main packages are:

Computer — Basic Phone — Basic, Premium, No-jailbreak Bundle — Mobile Family Kit, Bundle, Computer Family Kit.

The prices of the packages depend on the features available.

How to put a phone tracker on the phone?

As soon as the payment is made, the installation instructions will be mailed to you. Download the app and set up the phone tracking software in the kid ‘s device. Now, track your kid ‘s phone by logging in to the control panel.

Highster Mobile.

This is a mobile phone tracking software for parents to make sure that their children use mobile phones responsibly and not for inappropriate tasks.

Monitor the SMS text messages exchanged with your child. Logs even the deleted messages, thereby ensuring complete oversight.

GPS location.

Live control panel.

You will get the details concerning the target phone on your control panel. Upgrades the latest actions with no delay.

Browser history.

Helps get into the browser background, including the sites visited by the kid. Parents can ensure that the child is not exposed to any harmful content.

Stealth camera.

You can use the camera of the kid ‘s apparatus to take pictures of the environment. Ensures that the kid hasn’t wandered into the wrong place.

Call logs.

Tracks the incoming and outgoing calls of the target mobile. The call period and duration are also logged accurately.



Highster mobile takes a one-time fee of $69.99 without any other hidden fees.


Hoverwatch is a superb smartphone tracking app that helps you track anything on your own kid ‘s phone like telephone history, social websites feeds, SMS, camera, and a lot more.

Record calls.

Records all of the conversations of your kid utilizing the incoming and outgoing facilities of the phone. Keeps a check on who your child has contact .

Social media tracking.

Monitors social media use. You may find out what pages and posts attention your child and see even deleted WhatsApp messages.

Android screenshots.

Takes periodical screenshots of the target phone, which can be then saved in the consumer panel. Get to know what activity is currently happening.


The mobile phone tracking software takes a picture when the display is unlocked.

Stealth mode.



Hoverwatch has three packages, and its cost varies according to the monitoring functions available.

Personal Professional Business.

Auto Forward.

Auto Forward is a phone tracker and one of the top-notch Android remote control programs that allow you to track your kid ‘s apparatus without getting it in ownership.

GPS Location.

Control Panel.

Get the details of the device . There are advanced settings for time triggers, logs, screen options, etc..


Call logs.

Captures the details of call logs on the target device. You will get details of every minute of all of the calls.

Browser history.

Keeps track of the browser background of the kid ‘s telephone number. Tracks even the deleted browsing actions.




This is a tracking device for mobiles that monitors your kid ‘s phone without ever getting detected.

Check phone files.

Accesses messages, pictures, and the browser background of the gadget. These can be saved on your computer.

Monitor social media programs.

Tracks posts on social media platforms, including emojis, stickers, hacks Instagram, etc.. Also, it tracks app notifications and accounts actions.

Location tracking & Remote controller.

Tracks the precise location of the target phone. Let’s record the calls and take pictures with its rear camera.



What is the best phone tracker app?

MSpy is unquestionably the best phone tracker app available. You may get every single data and activity on your kid ‘s phone from the control panel.

You also get to enjoy the innovative features like geofencing draw a great deal of customers.

What is a phone tracker?

A phone tracker app helps parents track the actions happening in the kid ‘s apparatus.

In these times of increased online abuse, parents find these programs helpful in monitoring if their children go off track.

How does the phone tracker app work?

The tracker app uses a GPS tracking system to find the precise location of the target phone.

Furthermore, they have built-in functions to retrieve the information exchanged by your kid ‘s apparatus, including text messages, phone calls, and much more, which makes it easy to keep a check on these.

Last Words.

Currently, whether you choose a phone tracking app or not is your decision.

The electronic world is completely equipped with tools to trap your children from the hands of the wrong people. This is the one and only reason why dozens of parents have resorted to monitoring programs.

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